What Is A Bank Audit Management?

MY AUDIT has evolved this audit software program which covers the entire capability of Audit branch of a banks. It has been evolved to assist now no longer best the employees of Audit branch, however additionally retaining in thoughts the benefit of outside auditors, department managers and necessities of the pinnacle control. The audit software program automates diverse Audit operations and has integrated Workflow capability. We trust imposing this audit software solution will bring about higher inner manage systems, which can be vital to the behavior of banking enterprise and will prove to be best to guide the banks greater profitability.

Who Performs A Bank Audit?

Bank audits are completed with the aid of using a type of bookkeeping professional referred to as a banks inspector. A banks audit ought to be feasible as an indoors audit, that’s managed with the aid of using a employee of the financial foundation, or it has a tendency to be accomplished as an outdoor audit, that’s managed with the aid of using a loose inspector below the instantaneously path of Certified public accountant (CPA) or Chartered Accountant (CA).

The Purpose of A Bank Audit?

Bank audits fill a few needs, but their essential goal is to make sure, a financial organisation is operating in line or greater board with all enterprise and community hints. That is why it’s miles vital for banks to maintain their audit in check. we are presenting easy audit automation tool which captures queries and comments with the aid of using auditors online. Work-waft to offer those queries to the respective Branch Managers for compliances and later to Audit branch to accept/reject those compliances is likewise constructed in. This saves a whole lot of treasured guy energy and time for the banks.

Types Of Audits

  • Audits with the aid of using External Auditors: Concurrent Audits, Internal Audits, etc.
  • Audits with the aid of using Internal Auditors: Regular Audits, Surprise Inspections, etc.
  • Audits with the aid of using Branch Managers: Self Audits
  • Audits with the aid of using Audit Department: Revenue Leakage Audits, Transaction Audits, etc.

Bank’s Perspective

The concern of bank audit is important from the view-factor of banks too. The economic enterprise Is extending in such endless diverse areas that the requirement for banks audit is felt intensely with the aid of using every Bank. Thusly, the banks the board on the excessive stage deliver massive importance to banks audit. RBI vide its round dated 3-Mar-2021 has mandated implementation of RBIA in Urban Cooperative Banks with the aid of using 31-Mar-2022. Our Audit Automation software program offer banks to meet RBIA necessities.

Society’s Perspective

The Society anywhere anticipate that the Bank Audit ought to end result into early popularity of cheats. It is furthermore Expected that withinside the occasion that the examiner of a banks offers a great audit report, then, at that factor it’d reveal that there aren’t anyt any troubles with such banks.

Bank Audit Programme Checklist

Audit Planning Audit Closure Execution
Task_Assignment MRL & Certificates Audit Program Execution Advances
Audit Engagement Execution of Audit Program General
Tax Audit
Report Substantive Testing Substantive Testing
Reports Balance Sheet Checklist For NPA and Extended Working
Collection of following certificates and statements from Branch Finalisation
General - Pre Audit Work Issue of Certificates
LFAR Physical Verification
Profit & Loss Account Tax Audit Report
Verification of Balances Verification of Checklist of Ghosh Committee Recommendations
Verification of Checklist of Jilani Committee Recommendations Verification of Returns and Reconciliation

Way Forward

The economic enterprise is spreading its wings and converting its inclination of enterprise sporting events tremendously quick. The destiny will therefore have an area with the ones banks who recognise the necessities of the customers accurately and strive and assist them of their necessities.


Our audit management software will assist you ease your banks audit control in addition to mitigate the ability risks. ICAI units down unique comparing norms and the all out consistence with those hints will assure That the character of banks audit might be acceptable. We will assist you to live on target with audit paintings and standing tracking, computerized mission control features, and corrective motion plans