Refund & Cancellation Policy


Ateg Infotech offers you fully automated SaaS solution which comes with very little onetime setup cost to setup the system & we charge yearly user cost to provide continue services.

Ateg Infotech strives to provide high quality services that match with the expectations of our clients.

However, in case any client is not completely satisfied with our services, we can provide a refund within 30 days from the project start date. The final refunds will be made after deducting the hourly charges or fees for the work completed by us.

Taxes paid on services imposed by regulatory bodies would not be refunded.

No refund will be entertained in case any service gets cancelled due to violation of any of the stated terms and conditions. Ateg Infotech is not liable to pay any refund if any delay or interruption occurs because of third party involvement.


Users or subscribers may only cancel their services by complying with the cancellation requirements, which are mentioned in the Service Agreement. Ateg Infotech reserves the right to cancel the services of a client who is found to violate the terms and conditions described in the Service Agreement. Depending on the agreed terms, we also reserve the right to charge a client for any fees that might have to be incurred in the course of any project(s), in case of an early cancellation.

Users or subscribers can place their cancellation request, for the services taken by them, within 7-10 business days of service agreement.

Cancellation of service renewals for on-going services must be made at least seven 7 business days before the termination of the existing service period, and must be made either by e-mail or by phone.

Ateg Infotech will not entertain any request to refund fees that is once paid, even if the cancellation request is made within 12 hours.

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If you want to know more about the above stated policy, then please email us info@myaudit.co.in

This document was last updated on April 04, 2022