Case Studies

Case Study 1

An Ex-Big4 started his CA practice in 2009 and has grown to have 35 plus team members. He was facing difficulties in knowledge transfer amongst his team members. He himself was an expert in Audits but was not able to get similar level of audit techniques implemented across all his clients. After implementation of myAudit in his firm, he was able to enforce standard audit techniques while having control of all assignments at each task level.

Case Study 2

One of our client has quantified his saving in terms of following:
1. Better fund realisation due to timely invoice raising and collection
2. Control on out of pocket expenses claimed by staff members
3. Saving on file storage
His total savings comes out to be double and a half the cost he has incurred on myAudit subscription.

Case Study 3

A large CA firm having offices in Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai, Lucknow, etc. who was using an audit software earlier but was not fully satisfied due to lack of some must needed features have migrated to myAudit almost an year ago. All the partners as well as team members are fully satisfied with the features myAudit has. Their testimonial can be seen in testimonial section.

Case Study 4

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