Tax Audit Checklist

Tax Audit Checklist Software Intro

An Tax audit checklist is an invaluable tool for comparing a business’s practices and processes to the requirements set out by ISO standards.Tax audit is an independent assessment of how effective an organization’s risk management, processes, and general governance is. The Tax audit checklist contains everything needed to complete an Tax audit accurately and efficiently.

Tax audits can be scheduled as frequently as your organization determines is needed in order to improve processes. Some businesses schedule audits once a year, every quarter, or even once a month, at most.

Tax Audit Checklist Areas

The Tax audits will review a few areas of your organization, including::

  • Standards
  • Areas subject to improvement
  • Effectiveness of the system

Steps & Sub-Steps to be Checked Under a Tax Audit Checklist

Audit Planning Audit Closure Substantive Testing
Task_Assignment Audit Closure Bank Balance
Cash Payment > 10,000/-

Substantive Testing Substantive Testing Substantive Testing
Loans Ledger Scrutiny Final
Tax Assessment Status Inventory Excise Audit Observations
TDS and Tax Compliances Comparatives Fixed Assets