What is Income tax audit control?

As the name itself suggests, incomes tax audit is an assessment of money owed of any enterprise or review of accounts and management of money via way of means of taxpayers from an incomes tax viewpoint. It makes the technique of incomes computation for submitting of go back of incomes easier. Under Section fortyfour AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961, provision of Income Tax Audit is covered. Therefore, it is mandatory for big organisations that have turnover of over 1cr. to conduct income tax audits. Our Income Tax Audit Management software tool makes it simpler for your company.

Who Performs Income tax audit?

The Chartered Accountant appearing the tax audit is needed to do the submission of all its findings and observations in the shape of an audit file. The audit file is given as in line with layout to be had in the shape numbers 3CA/3CB and 3CD.

What is the purpose of Income tax audit?

Proper tax audit guarantees that overall incomes and claims for deduction have to be effectively and as it should be executed via way of means of the businessman. The possibilities of fraudulent practices lessen with the tax audit. Tax legal guidelines assist in facilitating the management of tax legal guidelines with right presentation of money owed in the front of tax authorities. It additionally saves masses of time of Assessing officials who're engaged in sporting out recurring verification. It is an important audit to conduct by organisations also a dwells in a lot of research, My Audit has some impressive/best Audit management system tool to make the work load of conducting an income tax audit easier

Types of incomes tax audit

  • Mail Audit
  • Office Audit
  • Field Audit
  • Advantages of Income tax audit
  • Income Tax Audit allows right presentation of money owed earlier than the tax authorities.
  • It identifies the weaknesses in the accounting machine and permits to signify the improvements.
  • Income Tax Audit enables the supply of recommendation which could have actual monetary advantages for a enterprise.
  • Income Tax Audit provides credibility to posted records for employees, customers, suppliers, traders and tax authorities.

Income Tax Audit Programme Checklist

Audit Closure Execution ITR Filing
Closure 15CB ITR Filing
ITR Preparation
ITR Preparation Transfer Pricing Report Transfer Pricing Study
ITR Preparation TPR Filing TPR Preparation
TPR Preparation


Our best audit management software tool has tremendous and substantial enjoy of occasions that require audits and companies of all kinds and extents. The scope and awareness of an incomes tax audits are agreed upon with the purchaser agency on a case-via way of means of-case basis. Income tax audits are wished while it's miles suspected that legal guidelines or guidelines were violated in the monetary control of an agency.