What is Tax Audit?

A Tax Audit is the manner of verification and inspection of the debts of a taxpayer to affirm their adherence to the provisions of the Income Tax law. A tax audit is whilst the IRS makes a decision to observe your tax go back a bit extracarefully and affirm that your profits and deductions are accurate. Typically, your tax go backis selected for audit whilstsome thing you've got entered for your go back is out of the ordinary. Our Tax Audit Management software enables your company to ensure monetary arrangements proficiently.

Who Performs Tax Audit?

The magnificence of taxpayers indexed beneathneath 44AB phase compulsorily must get their debts audited with the aid of using a Chartered Accountant. The CA will take a look at and affirm that thosedebtsobserve the diverse provisions of the Income Tax law.

What is the purpose of Tax Audit?

A Tax audit is beneficial and performedto investigate the tax payers’ habits; it determines how their returns are filed, and the waysure entries the business enterprise makes for its statistical purposes.

What are the types of Tax Audit?

Field Audit: This kind of audit is commonlyperformed in offices.

Office Audit: This kind of audit is performed in anworkplace and the involvedcharacterhave togo to the workplace with essentialfiles in a row.

Corresponding Audit: In this type, the profits tax workplace sends a letter inquiring forforfilesin order toofferreadability or lackingfactsas regards to your tax returns.

Advantages of Tax Audit

  • A Tax Audit will hold the books of debts and all differentfactsconcerning the sales and expenditure wellin order that the 11th hour rush and panic may be avoided.
  • It will make certain that the fullprofits and the claims for deduction are efficiently and as it should be entered with the aid of using the businessman It restricts the danger of fraudulent practices.
  • Tax Audit enablesright presentation of debtsearlier than the tax authorities.
  • It identifies the weaknesses withinside the accounting machine and permitsto signify the improvements.

Tax Audit Programme Checklist

Audit Planning Audit Closure Substantive Testing
Task_Assignment Audit Closure Bank Balance
Cash Payment > 10,000/-
Substantive Testing Substantive Testing Substantive Testing
Loans Ledger Scrutiny Final
Tax Assessment Status Inventory Excise Audit Observations
TDS and Tax Compliances Comparatives Fixed Assets


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